25 Years of Digital Imaging
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Originally a side project left on the shelf for some years, instakiss was a casual exercise and exploration into complex image manipulation and automated film post-processing. We thought it would be fun to bring it back in celebration of 25 years since digital cameras became commonplace - eventually replacing traditional film stock and methods.

Social media platforms introduced some interesting retro-inspired photo filters, but even some of them have been lost and forgotten over time. Others were removed because they distorted appearances so much, they interfered with facial recognition technologies. True story.

Today, feature films are shot and presented in all-digital formats which eliminate romantic film artifacts, lens distortions, blooming, scratches, noise and film jitter - thereby making modern film look a little "too real". So professional photographers and filmmakers now find themselves attempting to recreate those unwanted artificats digitally. A tedious process in itself.

[ Still in testing and casual continued development as time permits. ]


Recreating the lost instagram filter.

Unlike many popular filters which aren't terribly complicated, recreating Gotham was a painstaking challenge. Not quite black and white, the spectrum ranges from bright cream to midnight blue. Reds and yellow are converted to highs, while blues are deepened using a complex hald image technique.

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Filters Collection

Filters, film grading and photo effects.

An exploration into various methods for automatic post-production. Upload your own photos to crop, filter and view before & examples at various resolutions and aspect ratios.

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With custom captioning

Because there's still something magical about holding a moment frozen in time and tacking it to your wall.



Instant full-size montages for print

Upload a 24, 48 or even 96 photoset. All image tiles are automatically cropped, made uniform, filtered (or unfiltered) with frames and borders of your choice, and at max resolution. For full-size poster print, or scaled for mobile & desktop wallpaper.

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